Why Add-It?


Don't you hate standing in line? How often have you gone to the bank, licence bureau, passport office, etc. to conduct important business, hoping to "get in and out" within a reasonable time. Then, after standing in line for twenty minutes or more, you're asked quietly, "please go over to the counter and fill out the appropriate forms".

When you reluctantly shuffle over to the counter, you find it cluttered with papers, forms everywhere and pens either broken, or worse, not even there!

Even if the operation was set up so that it was convenient, you could complete the forms while standing in line. Chances are the desktop will still be unorganized, and finding a cable with a pen on the end of it would still be next to impossible.

All of us at one time or another have experienced the frustrating scenario described above. However, Add-It Systems can help.

Our products are attractive, simple to install and are constructed from durable plastics and aluminum that seem to last forever. Add-It products make it easy to organize and set up customer service desks and take full advantage of any counter space.

Using the highest quality of materials, utilizing the latest in technology, we make products that are tough, long-lasting and durable. Yet, at the same time maintaining a sleek, elegant, modern look that will compliment any decor. To learn more about our complete product line just visit the Products section of this site.

Add-It Systems has recently joined the global market and is currently supplying a wide range of successful distributors and dealers across North America.


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