RU writing off your customers?

Broken pens and unreliable desk accessories can cost more than the few dollars you spend to replace them. When your customers can't find anything to write with at the customer service area, frustration increases and they might just break down too... and disappear!


That's why we've developed the Add-It product line.

ADD-IT security pens are constructed with a tough 3/32" steel aircraft cable which is extremely difficult to cut, kink, or remove. And with their easy peel-and-stick base, the security pens are designed to remain permanently attached to any smooth table or desktop.

In fact...

SP-5 pen
This is our best selling product!
Dynamite Chainsaw Torch

The fact is, no matter how ham-fisted or light-fingered your customers are, the Add-It pens are very difficult to write off. The reason is our clever, patented designs.

For more information on Add-It pens, or any of our other customer service desk accessories, please visit our products section... before you reach your breaking point!


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The statements made in this advertisement are made in good humor for the purpose of emphasizing the products durability and in no way represent that these products are completely indestructable.