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              Series 1000       

All of the Add-It products compliment each other so nicely that many people have asked us to put together the most popular items and offer them as a set. So we did!

These sets are very easy to install and utilize the counter-space very effectively. And, thanks to our modular construction, repairs are simple and relatively effortless.


                    Series 1000 - Modular Accessories Set
                    Brushed Aluminum / Brushed Black



slip holder

waste slot
         Series 1000  Modular Accessories

Surface Mount, Separate Units,
Two Security Pens CWP 1111,
Calendar CWC 1501 c/w
CWD 1510 date set,
Waste Slot CWW 1811
and Bank Slip modules
CWT 1611 and CWS 1711.
Beveled edges.

These items can be placed on your counters in a variety of different layouts.

Sizes and detailed descriptions of the individual units seen here can be found under accessories or under security pens.


                   Series 1010 - Station Plate Sets
                   Brushed Aluminum / Brushed Black

              s-mount     CW 1010  Surface Mount

Surface Mount, with two pens,
calendar and waste slot.
Edges beveled to 1/16".
Uses CWD 1510 date set.
Black on white dates.

17 3/8"L x 8 11/16"W x 3/16"H

              i-mount     CW 1010  Inset Mount

Inset Mount, with two pens.
calendar and waste slot.
Corners 1/8" radius.
Uses CWD 1510 date set.
Black on white dates.

17 3/8"L x 8 11/16"W x 3/16"H

CWD 1510  Extra Date Set

Extra Date Set - month, day.
For all CW calendars.
Card stock or plastic.


Add-It products are also available separately, but depending on your needs, a customized set might offer you a better solution.

If your countertop requires a more personal custom design, then contact us through this website, or by phone, fax, or snailmail and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


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